Zriya Solutions

About Zriya

Zriya has its humble beginning in helping customers reach their Digital Potential. What started in Ludvika,Sweden as conglomeration of couple of Engineers has now grown into an organisation with multiple employees and multiple service fields to offer clients with. The core driving force of our Organisation is Customer centric approach. We don’t just say it we live by it. We value every single customer, irrespective of their size, and see them as a partner for life. We have imbibed onto ourselves the values of integrity, quality, timely delivery, customer satisfaction and above all providing technologically advanced service on par and above customers expectation.

As a Global company with its operation in Europe and India, we are truly Global in mindset too. We believe a global team can bring in not just ideas from their technical expertise, but cultural diversity on different aspects of delivery lifecycle. A qualitative and customer driven global team can help Zriya and customer’s company/ business alike reach and explore its full potential.

Our Mission

Zriya aims at providing valuable service by embedding these visionary principles

Our Cohort

For those who are a potential employee in Zriya, we are already excited to meet you. We are an equal employment opportunity provider, and we would like to welcome you on board. We believe we can provide you with an exciting, fun working place where you can not only help customers using your technological expertise but also learn more and keep yourself on top of the game.

Zriya -India

Zriya has an office in Chennai, India from where we support our Indian customers. Being in the Industrial hub of India truly provides us an opportunity to help and be close to our customers.

After this venture, we internally jokingly refer ourselves the “bulle-idli” team, Referring to the best food both places have to offer.