Zriya Solutions


As a traditional local or International business, your company has served your customers and societies alike over a long period of time. Its no wonder that your business would have used legacy systems, that were technically advanced in old times but redundant, out of date , non user friendly and cannot be upscaled to meet the latest trends.


Zriya’s application modernization services helps clients eliminate unnecessary operating costs and enable your employees to focus on strategic and transformational initiatives. Our modernization specialists move your applications to newer, less expensive, and more efficient technology platforms. We also enhance your applications’ functionality to promote faster and secure software development.

Some of our capabilities include mainframe modernization, cloud application modernization, using microservices for legacy software modernization.


During the process of upgradation we understand your business needs , identify gaps , set up goals for transforming legacy systems , identify technologies and reenergize your IT infrastructure to meet your current needs and more such that you can help your customers and increase your revenue.

Our Approach

Business Architecture

The initial process is to assess the existing systems, and understand the processes that it automates and dive deep into full fledged business understanding and IT flows in your organisation.

Identifying Gaps

After entire due diligence process, we identify gaps in processes, technologies, platforms . We do this by carefully assessing your systems, compare the general market trends depending on your industry and investigate which solution will best match your business needs.

Technology Mapping

Once gaps are identified , we will map the right technologies that will enhance your systems, increase your ROI, make your IT infrastructure full proof , secure , modern and available to meet growing business demands.

Minimal Business disruption

We understand your business doesn’t want to be disrupted even a day for the sake of modernisation. We plan and execute our work in such a way that there is minimal disruption.


Platform Development

We help our customers to transform their entire legacy systems by combining our market expertise, consulting approach, mapping platforms and matching the market trends. We help your business increase your revenue and explore new opportunities by building high performing, scalable, secure and rigid systems.

Architecture design

Certain businesses have in-house IT developers and an ambitious herculean project presented to themselves. They approach us to use our market experience and have access to our software architects and experts. Zriya helps our customers by acting as a bridge between their business and technology stakeholdersconverting business requirements into technical architecture. We strive to transform and revitalize your legacy systems by architecting to the future and remaining there thus creating value for users and our customers alike.

Art of Coding

Zriya can unlock transformation, productivity, innovation and market disruptive application by creating low code platform development. We help in creating feature rich, fast and technologically advanced applications that can make your organisation more agile and productive which in turn increases revenue. We make our applications cross platform that functions seamlessly on any platform or environment, thus making users receive smooth and seamless experience while they are using your application. If you have an in- house IT team and want experts to develop your platform and supplement your team then you are in the right place.