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“The Cloud” has been talk of the decade in fortune companies. Companies, now more than ever, irrespective of their sizes should embark on their Cloud Journey. Providing companies with an IT infrastructure that is fast , secure and elastic. Cloud solution is truly what a company needs to digitalise their processes. Globally distributed data sharing arrangement can help an already existing global team to access data and resources .Further Cloud technology can set a path for an aspiring Local company to achieve its globalisation dreams. Further, companies can digitalise their local processes in their product lifecycle by creating web applications that are compatible with cloud.

Zriya through its “Go Cloud” initiative help our customers to take strategic and technologically savvy decision and guide them to embark their digital journey.

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Technical Models


With our Partnerships, Zriya Can provide Infrastructure-as-Service as a solution to migrate and scale your organization's Cloud infrastructure.


Zriya with its team of experts and developers can help in creating Software as a Service application for your organization's processes needs.


Zriya with its partnerships can provide Platform-as -Service as a solution for your Cloud

Cloud Plarforms

Cloud Technologies


Cloud Consulting ​

Agility, efficient, resilient, fast, scalable, elastic, plethora of possibilities for innovation, automation : Adjectives to praise Cloud is enormous..

Cloud Migration

If you are looking for migrating your existing systems to a cloud database, then Zriya team is the right destination for you..

Cloud Integration Security and Testing (CIST)​

We help our customers in Integrating applications, systems and storage within the cloud, Between different..

Cloud Engineering

Businesses have multiple processes and multiple applications. These physical processes and software applicates can be optimised..

Cloud “Customer Support” Services

If you are a business that has Cloud Infrastructure and provide Cloud solutions to your clients..

Cloud Turnkey

The Cloud can be closely interpreted to be synonymous to innovative, agile, responsive and fast infrastructure. By adapting the same..

Paving Way to New Generation Industries

The Cloud can be closely interpreted to be synonymous to innovative, agile, responsive and fast infrastructure. By adapting the same, a company leaps itself with burgeoning confidence into the modern digital world thus preparing itself for future business opportunities. Industries can easily setup new projects, new systems to aid their current manual work, build proof of concepts and make their existing ortfolio in cloud thus making their organisation agile to embrace business demands and customer requirements.The time for cloud adoption is now. Zriya’s “Go Cloud” team is ready to help you.