Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is in the modern world the most predominant way of branding and communicating with your customers. Digital marketing against traditional marketing is a robust, traceable, analytics driven, statistically proven and verifiable way of driving your sales and ROI.


Zriya team will analyse, perform market analysis and strategize to get your blog, website, App or any other digital product increased visitors, greater visibility in the search engines and hence a great ROI.


Zriya adapts state of art DevOps methodologies to help our clients build fast, reliabile, scalable, agile and secure platforms.

Our Approach

Business Understanding

First step in our journey towards performing a proper digital marketing is to understand your portfolio and breadth of your business so we can create a plan that will suit your business well.

Market Analysis

We perform due diligence for the potential of your business in the market. We perform competitor analysis, market analytics, keyword searches, product pricing analysis and KPI’s


This is where we churn our learnings into Goals. Based on facts and diligence report we strategize what needs to be done, allocate KPI’s, set targets, balance a mixture of types of marketing find the right time to get more traffic etc. We will be your bishop to win the game.


Once the goals are set, we get our hands dirty to achieve the result. We push towards excellence and help increase your traffic, revenues and ROI.

Tools we use


In-bound Marketing

We help in Content Marketing, Newsletter creation and Newsroom tags


We strive to increase traffic and bring you in first pages of Google.

Outbound Marketing

We organically ensure traffic increase and revenue increase by doing paid ads for aesthetic and strong content.

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