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Digital Sales channels or e commerce is becoming an unchallenged force for doing trading and business. But these Online shops not only will be just a simple sales channel but can be complex and needs scalability and integrated marketing solutions. Zriya can help businesses develop their full stack websites and Online stores with inbuilt analytics, marketing and scalability Architecture. Before going full blown into making a website we analyse the needs of the development and plan the e commerce website such that customer needs are met and the solution is beyond expectation.

Zriya adapts state of art DevOps methodologies to help our clients build fast, reliabile, scalable, agile and secure platforms.

Our approach can also include bespoken plugin development, API development, Cloud infrastructure architecture, Cloud to SQL database architecture etc. We make your online shops aesthetically pleasing, user friendly flow in wireframes and with increased efficiency to increase your revenue. We will help you meet your bespoken need with a team of talented Engineers.

Our Approach

Vision Absorption

We will analyse and absorb to the core of your technical needs and goals with the online shops diligently. We become part of your idea and enthusiastically participate in idea generation.

Translation to Software architecture

This where your idea moves from paper to action plan. With our experts and developers, we perform Knowledge transfer of your idea and start churning your idea into a robust software architecture.


Every finished product need optimisation to provide best performance. We sculpt your digital product to its perfection.

Resilient and robust Coding

Welcome to the Digital factory. Here the ideas and the planning get manufactured into a finished digital product. Our developers code a lean, agile, superior quality Apps that are user friendly and fast in performance.

Right Selection of CRM

We always want the best for our customers and want them to have high quality, robust, best performing, fast, rich user interface product that we can feel proud about. To achieve this, we carefully handpick those CRM Platforms that might enrich your idea and provide optimal performance.

Superior Quality

We are proud in the product we develop and wish to continue the streak. We provide state of art technologies that you as a customer would cherish. We implement industry-leading development practices and technologies to create experiences and solutions that exceed expectations every time.

Quick time to market approach

In this competitive market we know how much you as a customer’s time is valuable and how much time determines the success of a product. We strive to provide superior quality products in minimal time so you can add value to your users as quick as possible.

Innovation at center

We mean when we say we are customer centric. Our customers bring in a unique idea and invest their time, resources both financial and human capital, along with ambitious dreams and true sense of creativity. We carry our customers product and add more creativity, market analysis, our niche expertise and experience from the market, competitor analysis so that their product can truly be agile, user friendly , fast and innovative. In the event there are new ideas that can be incorporated into the product to make it more techy savvy we propose these ideas, and our clients truly enjoy that.

Create Value to customer and Users

Whatever we do, it must be of top quality and of highest Value generation. Its not just enough that we go beyond borders to help our business clients, but true value is achieved for both parties when the product achieves a status of superior quality and equally admired by our client and their product users. We strive to achieve perfection by sticking to facts and being ambitious and follow our value creation goals.

CRM platforms we use


Font End development

Back End development

Plugin development



Cloud architecture


eCommerce platforms

Webstores & websites



Marketing design

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