Automatic Parking

Parking your car is one of the most elemental of driving tasks, but for some drivers, it’s also one of the most difficult. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where the car ends and obstacles begin, and many vehicles on the road have the scratched paint, dented bumpers, and damaged wheels to prove it. Automatic parking assist can help relieve some of the stress and reduce some of the damage. This technology uses sensors, radars, and cameras to take autonomous control of specific parking tasks or the entire parking exercise, helping drivers safely and securely store their vehicle without damaging it or other cars parked nearby.

This feature would do self-parking with or without driver. Sometime it allows to operate cars from Remote by smart phone. This feature guide driver with steering angle and visualize the vehicle projection in that path during Reversing the vehicle. These modules get input from Sensors, Camera and Radar. The Software would process all those three data and activate thealgorithm to operate steer and apply brake in emergencysituation. Different types of parking assistance below,