Hardware Design and Development

We are providing extensive support to our clients in Hardware Design and Development based on the industrial standard. We have experts who has deep knowledge and experience across platform can help our client to build a cost-effective hardware with higher quality and design. Our Team keep upgrading our process methodology and standardization to provide hardware for latest technology and region-specific standards. We could support you to develop any design from scratch or upgrade your existing design based on your requirement.

We are Providing Professional PCB services of all types of PCB, Including Multilayers, Rigid and Flex. Highly Complex & Dense PCB layout designs can be done with speed & accuracy. Expertise in critical & sensitive signal routing for Analog & Digital circuits. We do support in reverse engineering or redesign existing PCB to improvise its ability and address existing flaws.

We are Providing PCB Assembly services by both manual and automatic methods and both DIP and SMD Package. Board Preparation before assembly and board clean up after assembly is taken care as well.

Component selection and procurement would be major task after/before completion of PCB Design where we need to give proper attention. A wrong component selection would lead to unnecessary spending and literally flaws the product quality and design. Component life time also become important factor to consider to ensure the replacement and serviceability scenarios. We do extensive support to our customer to address all those points.

We would provide support to develop Sensor and Actuator Kit for your custom solution and aftermarket support. The major value of a company is how they are providing aftermarket solutions. We would provide these kits as replacement kits to address obsolescence and upgrade it to latest platform.

Electronic Control Module/Unit is the heart of the system/subsystem. We are providing support for ECM design and development based the IO requirement(Number of IO and it’s type), CPU load, Driver circuits, Sensing circuits and Circuits protections. We can reverse engineering the existing ECU and providing solution with upgradation or replace obsolete components.

We have End to End development experience in Hardware development. We could support you at any stage of hardware development life cycle. We have a strong team who has multi domain expertise, they can very well architect the architecture which perfectly inline to the application and the platform. We can provide architecture and execute method as well so that you can do inhouse development as well or in other way around.

Hardware Upgrade is the primary focus for any product-based organisation to sustain in the market for any amount of time. The electronic manufacturer/contributor or keep introducing new technology in the market and there is lot of new standards being followed by the region, these are the two main factors which initiating hardware upgrades, another potential drive factor is component end of life or obsolescence. We could help our customer at any part of the design or staring from the scratch.