Cloud Consulting

Agility, efficient, resilient, fast, scalable, elastic, plethora of possibilities for innovation, automation : Adjectives to praise Cloud is enormous , that there is scarcity of vocabulary to do so. The benefits of cloud adoption are numerous, yet it is still unchartered territory for many organizations.

They need to understand the present state of their business, the limitations of their technologies, and the need gap, how the organisation is ready for the new generation IT needs. A perfect roadmap shall include addressing the stakeholders question on Cloud infrastructure including and not pertaining to about how cloud can enhance their business objectives and help their organisation to semlessly move and adapt to new Cloud system. This will help key stakeholders make an informed decision about cloud migration. It will also promote a seamless transition and derive predictable/successful outcomes.

Zriya offers comprehensive consultative and operational support across the breadth of the cloud computing value chain, supporting the client’s organizations. The customization package include the following:

Our “Go Cloud“ will assess and support the stakeholders through a meticulous setup step by step process. We collaborate and generate ideas along with the customers by identifying key IT and business drivers, assessing the existing setup, invoking the possibilities of new setups keeping in mind the organisations readiness to adapt to Cloud. Zriya team will support the customer in every step, by jolting down a clear and complete roadmap for the migration process through state of art planning setup and support the organisation in adapting to the cloud environment seamlessly.