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Cloud Engineering

Businesses have multiple processes and multiple applications. These physical processes and software applicates can be optimised in a reliable, highly available, scalable , elastic , resilient with rich backend and front end features with Zriya Cloud Engineering Services. Our astute engineers can help business customers  develop , provide ideas for innovative solutions which can be reached in a reduced time to market with lower development cost , superior quality and hospitable service.

Cloud consulting services sweden

Let us paint an example  picture. You can be a manufacturing company or a e commerce company with plethora of products in your warehouse. Probably you might need a database in a structured way that can be easily integrated to your sister systems. Then our team can create a user interface rich PIM system that can help you organise your supply chain in a lean manner.  We can help you build smart web applications that can help you track your Shipments. API’s developed as part of Zriya Cloud package can help your shipment web application to interact with your PIM database. We can create SaaS application to automate your billing and finance system so on and so forth.


In nutshell, Zriya “Go Cloud” team will engineer to its perfection clients’ future roadmap by building smart applications and APIs, using microservices, event driven architectures and by modernizing the clients’ core operations and technology landscape with Cloud Native.