Zriya Solutions

Food & Beverages (FMCG) Industry

FMCG and Beverages are high demand sector in market always; As a FMCG Company would require a bare minimum automation to all the way up to unmanned processing in the longer run. The manual or manmade process would lead less productivity, high operational cost and non-standardization. FMCG Automation starts from the Raw material processing to packing and loading. FMCG has a potential need of automation to increase the productivity in high volume, Reduce Man Power, Standard output in all batches, Quality, Rapid production and adaptability.

Raw material Stocking

Automated environment to stocking raw materials for production and pre-processing raw materials: Grading and Sorting.


Transferring materials from one process to another process without human interference would provide by the conveyors. Vibrating conveyor systems and transfer conveyors are commonly used within the food industries, usually integrated within production lines to increase efficiency. We provide the solution to meet unique requirements from fully automated production lines, to turnkey material handling systems and vibrating conveyor systems or transfer conveyors.

Making Process

Automated Processing: Peeling, Cutting, Washing, feeding, Crushing, Cutting, Smoothening, Blending, Pulping, Shaping, heating, mixing, colouring, flavouring, drying, cooling, moisturising and etc. All these processes can be automated by time based or rule based to deliver standard output with same properties in all batches.

Weighing and batching

Automated Weighing and batching process could increase the productivity and reduces operational cost. We could offer vibrating feeders, Belt feeders, container scales and volumetric scales. Batching systems provided by integrating and controlling storage, loading and unloading mechanisms with our hardware and software-based solution.


Dry Packing, Wet packing, Bottling, Capping, Counters and Sealers with 1gm accuracy and zero wastage.


Bundling and moving packed items to the yard for dispatch. Conveyors for Standard transfer and Mobile robots for Dynamic transfers. We could provide fully automated solution which captures all the stages of logistics.