Zriya Solutions

Paper Industry

Paper Industries are still maintaining its supply demands even though digitalization boomed in recent years. Paper Industries having bigger machineries starting from cleaning process to all the way to paper cutting and bundling. Introducing automation to many levels to improve productivity enormously and reduce labour cost and reduce chances of quality deficiency. Regress automation and unified power distribution enables paper machineries to run with higher productivity and minimizing power consumption. 

Plant Automation

Deinking Plant, Wood Grading Plant, Pulping – Hard wood Plant, Soft Wood Plant, Bagasse Plant, Dip Plant and Broke Plant, Common Mix Plant, Dryer- Centrifugal Cleaner, Screening, Scanner, Rolling and Quality Check.

Process Automation

Stock Preparation, Grading, Pulping, Pulp Refining, Chemical pulp making, Drying, Screening and Rolling.


Temperature Control, Flow Control – Wet leg, Dry Leg, Water Treatment, Field Instrumentations.

Data Analytics

Production planning, Centralized Supervisory system, Data Collection and Cloud Controls.