Zriya Solutions

Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical and Bio medical companies are prone to severe impact to the human lives if any error happens during manufacturing drugs and medical equipment’s. Automation saves energy productivity, reduces human error, high reliability, Increase in quality and stability of operation.

Laboratory Automation

Automated analysis processes, automated test conduct and logging. Quality tracking and scheduling. Handling and positioning systems.

Production Automation

Compounding, Chemical Ratio Measurement, Chemical Mixing, Environmental Control, temperature management, time critical functionalities automation, quality checking, Standardization.

Packaging & Filling Automation

There are different levels of hygienic requirements for filling and packaging depending on the drug and the form of dispensing. Nevertheless, they almost always require high throughput, Corrosion resistant materials and hygienic design. Tablet counting and filling based on volumetric counting. Liquid filling and measurements. Batch maintained and printing.