Zriya Solutions

Power Generation and Distribution

Electricity is the booming Industry always in modern society. The generating stations, transmission lines and distribution systems are the main components in power system. So, it requires a knowledge of load flows which is impossible without proper planning, controlling and monitoring technologies.  PLC and SCADA based system would operate in a way that reducing losses and in turn the cost of production is minimum. Each process will also have a separate data acquiring and controlling mechanism for each individual system that controls the process and also monitoring the multiple parameters in a substation is done using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).   Our PLC and SCADA based solutions replaces large control panels that are placed in large rooms. Everything is brought under a single PC making it highly dynamic at the same time cost effective.

Power generation companies would always have a big potential opportunity to reduce their overall operational cost without compromising on safety by introducing PLC and SCADA based control system.

Power Plant Automation

Coal, Hydroelectric, Natural gas, Solar and Wind.

Power Distribution

Grid Controls, Substation and Distribution station.

Genset Management

Increase or decrease the generators operation based on the power demand which provided centralised supervisory system configure different power schema which are automatically perform solution without human interventions.