Zriya Solutions

Textile Industry

The major operations of the labour-intensive apparel manufacturing sector can be categorized into three; Preproduction focuses on preparing necessary materials and services, and includes line planning, sample development, and approvals, sourcing, and production scheduling. During Production, fabrics are spread, cut, bundled, and sewn. Post-production tasks follow — including pressing, inspection, folding and packing — to get goods ready for consumers.

Production Management

Energy management, Process automation, Plant automation and Scheduling.

Spinning Mill Automation

Fibre Preparation, Spinning Monitoring, HVAC management.

Fabric Production

Weaving, knitting, Cutting, Sewing.

Finishing and Making up

Dying, Bleaching, Heating, Drying.

The above potential areas where we could introduce automation and monitoring system to improve productivity and quality without compromising standards. The centralized supervisory system is extra mile where we can track all the control systems at one place and data could be available anywhere on the go with the help of clod integration.