Zriya Solutions

Control Panel

Panel Building services being provided based on the customer design or we can arrive our own design and build it for customer. We have required tools and process to build panels as per the industry standards.

Colour Coding and Ferrule selection are carried as per regional standards. Our team has a process to track and maintain these standards. Colour coding would majorlyhelp service engineer to easily trace and fix. Ferrule ensure more reliable electrical connections.

During the panel design we need follow the best practices based on the standards applicable to the region. These standards would be different between national and international. IEC- Industrial Safety Standard, CE- European Standards, UL- US/Canadian rating Organisation. These standards would basic requirement while deploying in to those regions.

Special Classified Panels – Apart from the  regional or country-based standards, we need to consider further factors based on the application and its atmospheric conditions while designing the control Panel.
Purged – In purge panels or pressurized enclosures, positive pressure is maintained inside the enclosure to prevent entry of outside gases in the enclosure.,
Ex-Proof – Explosion Proof Panels is designed and built to operate in environments where concentrations of flammable gases, vapours, liquids or combustible particles pose risks of ignition and explosion.
Stainless Steel – Stainless Steel Panel is designed and built to operate in food industries to maintain food grade and high water contacted process industries.
Intrinsic Safe –These panels provide low energy power and signals through special intrinsically safe barriers into the hazardous area. Wiring must be routed in separate raceways and segregated from all power and other circuits. If the wiring is not designed correctly, a fire or explosion could occur.

Intelligent MCC panel is a type of MCC panel with advanced features and enhanced workability by using a communication capable motor management device that monitors the motor's other lead processes by the process control system.