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Embedded System is the heart of the Automotive market. If vehicles are safe, efficient and comfortable, it is all because of automotive embedded systems and electronics. There are four main characteristics of electronic systems in Automotive,

Mechanical systems in automobiles have largely been replaced by electronic systems. Today, the automobile industry is making great use of embedded systems. Ranging from wiper controls to complex anti-lock brake controls and air bags, embedded systems have gained overall control of automobiles.

Automobiles that are built around microcontrollers, digital signal processors or both processors are commonly called electronic control units. Many luxury vehicles have come up with a large number of embedded controllers. At present, the microcontrollers used in automobiles mainly depend on the vehicle. For example, a normal vehicle includes around 30 -40 whereas some luxury vehicles include 80 – 100 microcontrollers. The below are some of the embedded controls in automotive,

There are multiple vehiclesegments available in Automotive. Embedded system controls are slightly different between these segments.

Passenger Vehicles (Car, Bus)

 All Features Listed above

Commercial Vehicles (Truck, Loaders)

All features listed above + Payload Calculation + Speed Control for Stability drive + Productivity Calculation

Two-wheeler (Bikes)

Minimal Features [Engine Controls, Brakes Controls and Cluster Display, navigation Systems]

Electric Vehicles

All feature Listed above (Except Engine and Emission Control) + Motor Control + Battery Management System

Hard Rock Vehicles/ Construction Equipment

All feature listed above + Payload measurement + Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controls + Lubrication controls + Camera Controls + Air Compressor Control + Cable traction Control